Loneliness has many forms,
My loneliness is,
like a flickering candle,
in an empty home.

When I open the windows,
and try to gaze you in dark starry nights,
the mild gust of wind,
almost blows off my feeble kindle,
reminding me of my meaningless presence.

My candle is melting away,
my tears keep on freezing at the base,
In my solitude no one cares,
whether me or my feelings are slowly vanishing away.

Then one day you appear from nowhere,
you shield the glow of my feeble candle,
the candle burns steadily with radiance,
my heart beams with joy and glee.

When I was daydreaming of love and romance,
you suddenly disappear forever,
my candle is full of fear and insecure,
as the winds of life may finally blow it off for good.

by Jay P Narain

Comments (1) exceptionally beautiful poem ★