Perfect Love

My eyes in awe with you in my arm,
I behold you gracefully in all of your beauty and charm.
Awaken, with you prowling on my mind,
love has shrouded my eyes; you are all I could find.
I've found a love In you that fills me deep,
A love that can't be found in the most peaceful sleep.
It was a desire; that had always been a wish,
And now that one 'want' has become a happiness and bliss.
Longer I have searched for that perfect one,
I never knew you were that someone waiting for me to own.
Never did I think possible; to finding a heart like mine,
In a beautiful woman like you; who shares the same mind.
we were just friends when love came whirling,
Now you've stolen my heart and you have my life's bearing.
Your zeal for life keeps me in an eternal awe,
The beauty of who you are that defies Heavens Law.
Surely there Is no doubting that you are the one,
You're my everything; the very moon to my sun.
Because surely you are beyond the magnificence of gems and pearls,
and your voice is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Forgive me for I dare not lose your presence from my life,
Cos your love carries more than just my secret life.
I hope that someday we'll share a home,
Cos darling, your heart is all I own.
You are that missing piece; to the puzzle I could not complete,
And now it is finished; and life is obsolete!

by Stanley Oguh

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