JT (June 4th,1961...Gemini / Bronx, New York)

“empty Nest”....

“Empty Nest”

With the boy’s room, draped in white sheets
This whole year, like a cocoon, preserved, in amber,

She closes another album: The fossil record of their marriage,
Steeped, in the earthen layers of clay.

Then, turning to face him, two huge land masses:
He, the old world, she is of the new,

And with thirty years of continental drift
Having poured an ocean between them,

They live, now, in different time zones,
Sleep, eat and speak in different tongues…

11.15.7 John Tansey

Copyright ©2008 John Thomas Tansey

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Beautifully written, the sea of emptyness was truely profound. You never realize the space children take up in your life, and what a big hole they leave when they are not there. Or how diffrent your lives, and you as a person are now, from when your spouse and you first started out. It does seem like and ocean of time from the shore (life) I came from
Swimming in the sea of seperation is always sorrowful. Well written.