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Empty Road
AP Ashlee Pasowicz ( / Iron mt. Michigan)

Empty Road

As these roads get empty,
As the houses get abandoned,
I still sit all alone,
Thinking to myself,
What can be changed to help this,
Waving good-bye to everyone that leaves,
Memories are all thats left,
Soon it will be my time to leave,
This block will become empty,
Houses sitting all alone,
Nobody to care for them,
Broken windows and doors,
Creaking stairs,
Spooky and dark,
Street lights flickering,
Driving by it feels so wierd,
Knowing I used to live there,
It makes me laugh so hard,
One day that block will vanish,
It will be used for something,
The land will have something new,
Maybe a mall or park,
The memories are left in my heart,
So many stories to tell,
So many pictures to show,
All I Know is,
Nothing will be the same
Ashlee Pasowicz

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I know the feeling, Ashlee. When things just aren't the same, anymore. That's about where I am in my life, right now. Very descriptive and also very much to the point. Good job!