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Empty Room
(1989 / Tehran-Iran)

Empty Room

I can see my self in a corner of a room
I feel crumbled
I crumble! .. I no more hear the booms

the walls are black, I feel lack!
The room is empty, There's only a sack!

I don't have anything to do
the only thing left is to rue..

I wanna stand up but I cant stand
I'm fighting with my self, I don't wanna land!

Wanna reach to the sack But hell! ! its too far!
My thoughts. They will always bar!

Whats in it? ! in that bag? !
I don't know And I don't wanna nag!

The spider is climbing me up!
Maybe he thinks I'm just a slag!

First, I want to push it away
Next, I don't seem to even care!

It bites me, I don't feel the pain
The bag is Gone, No! I'm Not insane!

I Puffed..
The spider went!
I Puffed again..
I thought it meant

I felt a pain, I looked down
The room was lone

It was the bite!
I looked up! , I saw a Light!

I whispered: I will!
I Tuned it up..: I WILL!

I stood Up, there was a door!
No! no mistakes any more!

The sack appeared I saw it Open! I Found paint
I colored the black

The door was still closed.. I decided not to go out till this room gets Purposed

The room is done! it was such fun!
I got Out! I saw the sun!

(Soha Bayat Kheradmand)

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