Empty Skies

Poem By JohnHenry Strathmann

Thank you, my friends,
For the howls & the scowls.
From my bearded white jowls
To a stomach that growls.

Thanks for the ain'ts, cain'ts
And endless complaints
‘Bout stuff that I write
With impish delight

As I nuke the ubiquitous,
Puke out iniquitous
Ranting and raving.
I guess I'm just craving

The launch, the disclosure
And brutal exposure
Of leaders' lewd lies
And Christian disguise.

From rebirth to demise
I curse empty skies!

Comments about Empty Skies

Write comment. Such a nice work, John. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
The launch, the disclosure And brutal exposure Of leaders' lewd lies And Christian disguise..giving went to the anger because of real problems in religion and politics....... thank u dea r poet for such a poem which make the reader think a lot. thank u again. tony
An insightful piece of poetry embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing John.
I feel refreshed, renewed and refurbished!

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