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Empty Smiles

This is the story of young Irene,
a beautiful girl by the age of sixteen.

Outside she was cheery, giving out smiles,
Inside she was lonely, hating Life's trials.

Her friends really loved her, or so it would seem,
But behind her back they would gossip and scheme.

She wished her parents' fighting would stop,
They said nothing's wrong, but their empty words rot.

This is the story of young Irene,
a beautiful girl by the age of sixteen.

She hid her scars from all of her friends,
Feeling her life full of wrong turns and dead ends.

Her boyfriend's life was led by another.
Her hopes of love were left defeated and smothered.

She became more depressed then,
Her final hour was coming.

She thought it was time, at last,
to finally stop running.

Little did she know she could have dealt with her fears,
By hoping and praying to God's mighty ears.

She walked in her closet to tie the rope, to die,
She could not help but letting out a small cry.

As the Snake of Death wrapped around her neck,
She looked back on her life, having been such a wreck.

Through holy tears mighty God watched that scene,
She fell from his grasp like a fading dream.

She inhaled her final breath,
Her body's desperate plea.

Her last idle thought was,
'No one will miss me.'

This is the story of young Irene,
About how her life was not as it seemed.

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