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Empty Souls

I'm just another empty soul.
With blood in my mouth.
We are all just more emtpy souls.
I know what your thinking before you say it
I know what your searching for before you break it.
Do you really think you can escape it.
Just embrace it.
Little lost puppy dog do please find your bone.
So your not alone.
And I can still hear the screams.
Why me, as if there was some forsaken prophecy?
Take the mirror shatter it, and take the pieces and glue them into a mural.
Each a reflection of a different past.
Which one is the real you?
Just a bunch of empty souls I tell you here and now.
You shouldn't be so confident or proud.
Because I know whats behind that shroud.
Medusa from the inside out.
So much disguised vanity.
God how you have made me so angry.
I will destroy you, and all the things you put me through.
Memories of rage leave such a stain.
I try to clean it over and over again.
But it will not come out.
What I see is not really even there.
Just a bunch of empty souls.
Why are they fighting so hard for control.
From the pits of hell we are just all trying climb out.
Trying so hard to escape are inner demons.
A lick of the tongue and it come undone.
Speaking in the riddles of a foriegn language.
Holding black candles in shape of right side up star.
Whispering chants of our darkest desires.
Calling upon our inner liar.
Put our hands in the fire.
Just a bunch of empty souls.
Riding the dead horse to his kingdom.
Just a bunch of empty souls, empty souls.

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A good poem keep it up
A great start with a nice poem, E. S. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks