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Empty Spaces
SVO (1 September 1986 / East London, South Africa)

Empty Spaces

there are many things in life
that can make the heart
be more
of a whole

most spaces you need to understand
and fill for yourself
some are filled only
by love
given to another

when you left
you took that part of me
i can live without it
but without it
i can't know happiness
or feel complete

return the piece of my heart
you stole
its mine to give
never yours to keep

you left me
with an empty space
return what you stole
so that the empty space
can become whole

10 September 2005

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Comments (4)

I really like this poem. It sits with you and gets under your skin. And I really like the lack of capitalisation as well. Just like empty spaces with the words. Or maybe I'm just bein too analytical. Nice poem though.: 0)
This is so heartfelt and beautiful, Stephanie. Ahhh, love... the most beautiful of emotions and the most heartbreaking. Warmest regards, CJ
i have made a comment in the forum for you to look at, dont be late you got eight poetry blob
Hate to say the ol' 'Time heals all wounds' cliche but truly it does help the heart heal as well. Nice poem. sincerely, Mary