Slamtime For Buddha

I stand accused of sowing seeds of revolution
Against the institution
By preaching love as a solution
Against the mental pollution
And so the called me a criminal
Thought criminal
But the struggle is continual
So the message went subliminal
Far underground
Only to be found
By those ready to understand
The problems at hand

Voices yelling in my head
Sometimes I wish I was dead
Life is suffering and full of pain
Sorrows fall like drops of rain

But I believe we can fly
I believe if we try
We can fly
To the sky
Oh so high

Letting go it fades away
Life is a stage on which we play
We determine who we are
We are self-scripted each a star
If to this world you get tied down
To the material things of which abound
Then deep in sorrow doomed to drown

Eventually the piper gets paid
Suckers lose, players get played
If not now, then in the next life
Karma always pays back strife

There is no mercy for the cruel
To hate violence adds only fuel

by Alonso Menendez

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