(June,1943 / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

The Lovers Secret… Part 1

Our Love left us astray.
Were searching and gasping for oxygen and we cannot breath
Stones wash up shore to just get kicked back into the ocean
lost for no living energy to find.
The seraph robs the two from they're love
dropping its tears from far above
Leaving them soaking wet in despair.
Salt water drips from they're cheeks
leaving them to become so weak.
Gasping air to say a word
but the glare of their fear says it all.
The man lover begins to speaks but his heart begins to drop
he fears that what he done tore them apart.
but he knows what he has done set their love free.
The female is wondering will the body ever is found?
She thinks what has he done? My true love…
So she begins speak but then a dark shadowy figure from behind
begins to reach…

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