En Route

Poem By edward serof

From my bus mirror
I see him
(Catch her across the aisle and two seats up)
Watching wistfully and with guile
As she combs and pulls her silky locks
Into a fine, tight ponytail and
Smears on her mama's lipgloss.

I sense his lack, this husky hayseed-
His jaw slack and half-slept stupor pouring
From his languid gaze. His laze, yet knowing that
The family's overgrown L & M Salvage was defunct
In catching her for real.
She would go on leaving him
In a whorl of small change.

Her father's R & R Towing though, was ample,
With business backed up and hardships scarce.
She smiles and relaxes into the hot, bumpy
Ride to school.
He coils sloop-shouldered in surrender,
Back to his window,
Pursed and tense and not wanting to go there today.

by eserof

Comments about En Route

This one moves me, I love the image I get when reading...his jaw slack and half-slept stupor pouring...you have many well thought out lines in this one-A+

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