Poem By Michael Foster

I find myself trapped in a cage and
I yell and shout and am consumed by rage
I cannot see through my fateful bars
Nor feel the wind or see the stars

I stalk around my dreaded cell
And I scream my anger and my sorrow I yell
My life was joy and gleeful race
Until I strayed into this place

As I my situation start to ponder
My slugged mind begins to wander
And I dream of dreams and think of though
And imagine what is what can be not

The monster within begins the stir
And with every casting word
The sky is torn and the earth is rent
And to hell my soul is sent

And when the beast I think I've quelled
Begins to rise and crush and meld
I raise my shield and draw my sword
And delve into the evil unrestored

When I glimpse the strife and worry
And the world is filled with fury
Forth, I am ripped from stem to stern
From tail to tip I have been turned

Then I wake to see the earth
And every soft and loving hearth
The sun is out and oh! The stars ring
And god summons the angels to sing

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