M (Sept 6,1990 / )

Enchanted World Of Green

I dance among the flowers and the leaves
the water in the river flows so deep
smelling of the forest so strong and sweet
opens my heart as if a key
the vines creep up my legs and arms
caressing me but never doing harm
water drops like little gems
emerlad greens and silver stems
peaceful and harmonzing the songbirds sing
the sun shines down upon me
bringing happiness and warming heat
the beautiful forest is a whole other world
full of mossy green and things unseen
feeling so beautiful as if a queen
i roam the unwalked paths
the music, a million fairy laughs
the mystery within the trees
intriguing and amazing me
put your hands upon the bark
forever feeling but never mark
nature speaks of stories untold
may you listen and forever behold
the secrets of the forest floor
enchanted world of things unseen
full of leaves and beauties green
to find a place I can always lean
will shelter me from the things so mean
I roam to the trees to find relief
from this world unkind,
will soothe and console my troubled mind
beautiful, beautiful forest, lay my body down

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