Poem Hunter
RF Rachel Fogle (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


He waits by the window, just hoping for the chance.
To see her walk by for one more glance.

He's spellbounded by her poise & captured my her smile,
Nothing could erase what's crept into his heart.

Enchanted he must be,
He laugh's to himself,
It's been years since he's felt this,
He must be nuts.

She stop's to cross the street, and he can see her face.
His breath stops, for it looks as if she's coming his way.
He races to the counter, not knowing what to say.
The next minute she's there, sitting in his chair.

She looks at him and smiles and says 'It's been long enough.'
Were no schoolaged children, were grown up and in love.'

Enchanted he know's he is now.
No cause for concern,
His love has stated her case.
And he's helpless to her words.

He walks to her side and takes her hand,
Looking down into that smile that's he's known for so many years.
'We may be old my dear, but I guess your right.'
'You've Enchanted me, and I'm helpless not to fight.'

They leave his shop and lock the door,
Not caring who may see.
He tips his hat to the man next store and say's,
'Enchanted is me'

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