AG (06/04/1992 / Venice)


I can't stop thinking about you
ever and anon
you've stolen my heart
you've stolen all the thoughts
from this once witty charming mind.
We've met on a gloomy saturday night,
people all around us
people dancing and singing
while we gazed intensely
into each other's eyes,
your brown bewildered eyes
staring at me like asking
"where have you been handsome stranger?
why don't you take me?
why are are here?
and not anywhere else? ".
Those eyes are haunting me
my sleep, my dream, my nightmares
my words, these words.
You said time was not right,
but isn't the nature of time being always wrong?
Your ruby lips saying the contrary,
fixing the deviated meaning of time
with a last kiss that I wanted
you wanted
we wanted
to last forever, graciously
while the breeze of the Parisian nights
journeyed through our woven hair
like a prophecy.
but time is mischievous
and the Sun eventually started
to emerge from his dwell in the Orient
lurking behind the sullen sky.
Sooner or later
that moment was bound to happen.
With a silky voice you waved goodbye
a stab after a caress of love.

by Alex Grove

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