She envelopes in midst of a bouquet-fragrant, sensual and becoming.
Her symmetry silhouettes transcendent rays of the sun.
Spring is her ceremonial inaugural. Her petals are sponged crimson. As the assembly observes the vigor of her stance, elegance of form and humbling innocence, echoing chatter of siblings herald through the floral of this splendid Muse who mesmerizes her viewing audience with a satin smile and velvet appearance.
Folklore says she's a facsimile of spring, because her beauty dispels the spoilage of winter.
Her life induces an intoxicating reverie: "She arrays with a blissful scenery. She showers immense splendor. She reaches out caressing newness. She penetrates the depth of one's soul with savoring sweetness. She engulfs the hearts of viewers, leaving an overwhelming anticipation for harmonious intercourse; igniting an enduring romance with its inspirer."
My enchantress: "Beholding..., I am forever reminded of you."

by Maurice Antonio Tuck

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