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I've asked of this a long time ago
this one special chance to see you
to talk to you, and to tell you how i feel
it was so nice knowing that you came
and looked for me, like before
but all of a sudden, i feel like its not the same
was it me or you who changed?
we talked for quite a while
a moment i want to savor forever
this might be the last time
so i want to keep it in my heart
you told me you're sorry for all the broken promises
and though i have been hurt,
the pain subsided at that very moment..

For so long, ive waited for you to come,
but why i cant say anything at all
my mind seems to drift away
everything seems unreal
i am not in control of myself anymore
until i felt that you've lost interest
for i might have talked of nonsense things
i thought i am prepared for this chance
but why do i feel so empty..

Now i know, and now i see..
clearly, you dont have any interest in me
at least i may have come to realize
why these tears are now falling from my eyes
there you are, but i feel like you're so far
now, i know, this is the end
the end at last..

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Comments (2)

A beautiful, heartrending poem! Everything is okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end...
Wow what a very touching piece of poetry thank you for sharing lol