Drinking Alone

I take my wine jug out among the flowers
to drink alone, without friends.

I raise my cup to entice the moon.
That, and my shadow, makes us three.

But the moon doesn't drink,
and my shadow silently follows.

I will travel with moon and shadow,
happy to the end of spring.

When I sing, the moon dances.
When I dance, my shadow dances, too.

We share life's joys when sober.
Drunk, each goes a separate way.

Constant friends, although we wander,
we'll meet again in the Milky Way.

Li T'ai-po
tr. Hamil

by Li Po

Comments (8)

Tailor, you've knitted almost every duality I can think of into this amazing mosaic: pain/pleasure; tenderness/bristling hard edged attitudes and positions; time passing/stillness; space/intimacy; love/loss/hope/regret (cheating I know): even agony and ecstasy in degrees, all in an atmosphere that transcends them all; As if the bitter can/should/might become sweet, and vice versa. Basically, I can see just about any damned thing I want in here! But you've kept it all so tight, so precise, fluent and yet so comprehensive - enough of all of these and more to match this blending of numerous fundamental themes. If you want your head screwed every which way read a Tailor Bell poem! ! You're profundity personified. jim
More abstraction. I read this as a row of some sort between yourself and your son. Whatever, its marvelously evocotive of all sort of notions.
Excellent work Tailor, once again you bring the reader into the poem, this is marvelous, excellent read, fabulous imagry. Thankyou Tailor--Melvina--
Another fascinating poem, Tailor, which is open to many interpretations. My impression is of mind struggling with will and hope and regret in the vast universal space which encompasses all. The language is beautiful, the images arresting and the poem has a strong personal feel too. I enjoyed it very much and it made me think. love, Allie xxxxxxxx
Feelings that course deep within, the imagery outstanding in the Tailor Bell fashion!
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