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End It Now
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End It Now

Poem By Jane Sparkes

If I end it now, before its dead
He'll remember it fondly
To herself, she said.
I'll end it now, if u can't say
I'll love u to the end of my days

The time spent somehow
Was so divine, walking straight away
Was the toughest line
I'll end it now, and he didn't believe
Quite rightly so, but there was no reprieve

Its ended now, behind me the door slammed shut,
What's to become of all my love?
‘End it now’ she'd regret to say
Struggling to breathe whilst walking away

End it now and hold your head high,
Shoulders shaking with soundless cries
Dignity at the cost of so much sorrow,
Mustn't forget our time was already borrowed
Feelings faded, love ran out,
A future’s lost without a doubt
I've ended it now, facing my worst fears
Crying shamelessly alone, now you're not here

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Tears, the inevitable consequence of loss.