End Of

Trillions of years from now
The scattered remnants of our Universe
Float in endless darkness,
All stars extinguished.

Scattered fragments and swirls of gas
Are all that remain
Of what was once a glory
Filled with countless galaxy clusters
Shining bright.

But something happens.
A trigger point is reached.
Two particles attract.
Two more.
And more.

Ever so slowly, Gravity takes hold again
Then faster and faster
All that matter

The Universe contracts again
Shrinking down
To that central Singularity,
Back to that point
From which it all Began.

by Paul Butters

Comments (3)

It is a slight possibility that very few scientists believe. Nice poem anyway. See my poem Big Bang Creation.
Let us accept the fact, finely reported by Mr. Butters, that all the poems we write, as well as all our comments, will someday be remembered by no one.
Amazing narrative presenting a picture of universe in the contraction mode. Loved reading it. The Universe contracts again Back to that point From which it all Began.