End Of Contract

Poem By Jeff Law

Take me to the dropp off
I’m pretty sick of being this tool
So take me before I clock off
And I take my independence with me
All I ever did was work for you
And all you ever did was want
Received and took, but never gave
So I rebelled against you all
Demanded that I proved myself
When I had nothing to show
You sat me in a pile of dirt
And expected me to grow
But it didn’t go quite as you expected
And I grew to hate and disobey
And I turned my hate into worthless breath
And I blew it all away
I huffed and puffed and blew it all down
As the wind it swiftly turned
And my bitter words they came back to me
And my mistakes I quickly learned
You sat me down and set me straight
About what I’m about
The things I did, and what I didn’t
The times you went without
How funny that it was my lack
Of enthusiasm through it all
But you didn’t aid me when I needed most
And I learnt it on the floor
But you marked me harsh and left me to bleed
Drip by drip I bled and bled
And then when the time was right
You sat me down and said
“Absence is bliss and you’ve had your fair share
And if you’re selling figures matched
Then you’d be the number one salesman here
And a hard worker could have hatched”
So end of my sorrow and I won’t beg or won’t borrow
In fact that’s the last I will do with my heart
The drama is over, I gave it my hardest
I was basically doomed from the start.

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