End Of Corruption

A new officer was posted at a police station,
He decided to end the corruption,
In his first address to his subordinates,
He warned them to finish the corruption,
Or otherwise the corrupt will be seriously dealt,
And he may be removed from the services.

A few days later a constable was promoted as Head Constable,
All the colleagues pressed him to give a treat,
The Head Constable said it's the season of mangoes,
I shall treat you all with the mangoes,
The officer warned him you must purchase mangoes,
I shall get it verified, if not so, you will be reverted.

The Head Constable went to a whole sale dealer,
He told the owner your logistic cell is violating the traffic rules,
All your delivery vans are overloaded, and parked at a prohibited area,
The dealer said, sir, please come in let us talk at a better place.
The talk was successful like that of super powers of the worlds,
The Head Constable came back with a bag of 10kg of mangoes.

He went to the retailor and the retailor immediately took a currency note,
And tried to silently give it to the Head Constable, He said, no more bribes,
I have come to you to know at what rate you purchase mangoes from the whole seller,
The retailor informed him and he disposed the mango bag to him,
Then he went to a poor hawker, who was selling mangoes just in front the police station,
He asked the rate of mangoes and the hawker informed him the rate,
The Head Constable exclaimed it's too low Bring 2 kg of mangoes in the police station.

The poor hawker thought he was not going to get any money there,
Helpless he went inside the police station with a bag of 2kg of mangoes,
In front of the officer the Head Constable paid the price and said,
You are too poor and you favored me by bringing this bag here,
Have another 50 rupees for this act of kindness.

The officer was amazed and said I shall bear the cost of this honest treat,
How successfully I have finished the corruption, Oh God! I am thankful to you,
He further said I shall forward your name for another promotion,
And gladly gave 300 rupees to the constable.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (5)

What an amazing way of defining corruption. Was delighted to read. Keep it up.
Increasing activities against law should be vanished. Very nicely presented with beautiful story of description this poem in the forum. It is necessary for awareness.
corruption is increasing...increasing and increasing......................nice
An interesting funny satire, liked it.
corruption is increasing rapidly like a hungry fire...............very creative poem........greatly enjoyed it.