End Of Everything

The ground was shaken the coulds driven, winds that were so violent that they ripped the earth´s own shield away. The armor of nothing. Emptyness crept into thou´s hearts. Thou realizes: There´s nothing left.

Humanity destroyed. Completely massacred. red stains on the ground, screams and shrieks shook the heavens, for the mightiest left without any care for the world.
irremediable wrath that the mother earth spread, our own love has been destroyed. Completely gone.

Trees and forests burn to the ground, clouds are painted in so solid white that it blinds us and makes the sky fall, the so blue sky is beginning to change, nothing can stop it.

Harmony, understatement, Lust, Warfare, ignorance, Lovers.

The pinnacle of perfection is not for humans to find or handle. That is the reason this rage will erase this world.
Too much they learned, too many things they had that didn´t belong to their time.

The earth cracks and seas wash over the land, and like the ancient cities, Atlantis, they fall to the sea, and at the bottom they will stay. Mountains roar out their frustration.

No humanity shall know where they fell at the end of the world.
No humanity passed the bridge of determination or courage, too afraid they were when facing the death was all too much. There they dropp dead, countless souls are left in the burn out inferno.

Mother Nature´s hands take scars and they burn and her face seems to change into a almost uncharted choice of life and death.

Horizon´s serenity doesn´t even compare, for this wrath will not wilt until every single being on this perfect creation, surrounded by the growing darkness, will dropp dead.

This is the end of creation.

by Maria Junnonen

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