End Of Relationship

Poem By Nalini Jyotsana Chaturvedi

Like tress that have
grown apart
although together
they were
meant to start
I feel we too have
found our own land
there is no point
trying hard to remain.

I know our roots
have enmeshed
the common soil
strong fingers clasp
every bit of spoil
so when I try to
uproot myself
your world
also does
feel the turmoil.

but it was you
it was your plan
to wreck the bond
cut me to stump
in every way
many times
you have hurt

to save my life
secure my soul
its time for me
to move ashore
while all the ocean
you can have
sail your ships
to unknown lands

Comments about End Of Relationship

I got it poet, I know our roots are enmeshed.. so perfect anology here. like the way you did pen it! 10++
This may be the story of a couple. This may be the story of two brothers. This may the story of two nations. History is mukhupadhayay, age is chottoupadhayay and experience is bandupadhay.ay A good student is one who forgets every thing during his studies and remains just a student. But it's not easy to put ourselves in the enemy's shoes so as to see things through his eyes.

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