End Of The World

I had a dream that the world ended and I was there to watch…
The crimson light flashed and all the children cried
I stood there not afraid not shocked but, pleased
Fire ate at people’s skin
A river of blood flowed through the once dry streets
Tears millions… no billions of tears dripped from everyone’s faces
Sadness was the earth
Hurt, pain, and suffering filled the air
It was so thick some chocked on the intoxicating blackness
People screamed who will save us
I yelled back no one this is the end
Everyone came together but, I kept my distance
I knew better than to rely on faith and love…
Then all at once people dropped dead
Everyone died except for me
I was there alone dead bodies filled the bloody streets
The world was mine to won and I looked out as far as I could
And I yelled I told you this day would come
Then I woke from what many would call a nightmare
But, for me it was a fantasy because for one split second I ruled the world…

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