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End Of Winter
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End Of Winter

Poem By Tracey Blight

There is snow in the clouds but it is yet to fall
Coldness whips around as its natures call
There are no more sounds of the morning lark
Eeriness hangs about with the mornings start

The seasons are no longer what they used to be
Spring and summer and then the autumn breeze
When winter ventures in everything looks sad
Maybe if there was snow it wouldn’t look as bad

The trees look so dreary without there pretty leaves
Only the rustling sound coming from fur trees
That’s where the birds nestle just to keep warm
This time of year is hail and snow storms

Even the sea takes over with its cruel waves
Becoming more fearless using boats as slaves
The sound of the ebb so fierce and strong
Nothing to conquer nature, it does belong

With a break in the weather the sun shines through
The grass spangles with the morning dew
As everything thaws the birds start to sing
Flowers popping up just reminds us its spring.

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