How Dare You To Divide Me

How dare you
To take steps
To divide me
After knowing
Fully well
I am one and

How dare you
To come forward
To kill me
After knowing
Fully well
I am not here
To die.

See me
Know me
Feel me
Recognized me
I am there
Within you
I am the Truth.

I am free
Catch me
If you can
I am here
Within you
Realize me
I am the Truth.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (8)

Bruh, This is just saying to become christian lol
Just wow 😱
Hahaha.....The title is To End Racism...written by a Christian Race....
A really hopeful poem. If only rascism could be done away with. Maybe after that we could rid of sexism as well. Putting 'man' in the poem seems a little too sexist for me. Besides that the poem is great.
quite good bu you refer to man and not woman: S
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