LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Endearments Of A Nine Year Old

He's bubble gum in a baseball hat,
A dirty face with a mangy cat,
And if you can imagine that -
Then I guess you know my boy;

He's a freckled nose with spiked-up hair,
A jitterbug squirming in his chair,
Bouncing through life without a care -
My bubbly little boy;

He's a sloppy shirt and baggy pants,
Cruising the sidewalk smashing ants,
Pulling the petals off my plants -
My charming little boy;

He's flashing eyes in a dimpled face,
The loud mouthed terror of second base,
In a muddy sneaker without a lace -
My scrappy little boy;

But he's an angel in his sleep,
A peaceful creature in a blanket heap,
And I'm so glad he's mine to keep -
My dear, sweet little boy.

by Linda Ori

Comments (10)

Hey, if this were not a nice poem, then there would be no other nice poem in the world!
Hi Linda, Nice poem. Really captures the active nine year old. Cute verses, too. Sincerely, Connie Webb PS Love the last verse, too.
Haha! that was funny...i know these boys, with dirtty clothes, soaked in sweta ewww... You know, this one reminds me of how my brother was 2-3 years back..lol Preets
This is sweet and lovely, just like him, I'm sure. I picture my (2yr old) son like this someday. Thanks for this. Cheers, Lori
Linda, he sounds like a perfect little rascal... a fine example for nine year-olds everywhere! Well done! ! Brian
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