SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

A Huge Hug And Kiss

A very good afternoon to you
my most beautiful sweet Angel dove
and in loving comfort I send you
this sweet kiss and huge hug
filled with love and deep warmth.
I am sending you a huge hug
to wrap you up in all of my strength
to just give reassuring comfort
of all of my love and that I'll
forever be yours no matter what.

I am sending you this huge hug and sweet kiss
just in loving randomness,
to make you feel good inside and brightly smile.
I send you this huge hug with millions
upon millions of bright happy smiles.
With a song in my heart and my soul
glowing so bright and tender for you
I send this sweet kiss so passionate
and deep as well to make this the greatest of days.
I send you this huge hug and sweet kiss
full of pure loving passion
because you are my diamond I so treasure and cherish.

So my sweet love feel me right there with you
as I reach out and wrap my arms around you.
Feel my kisses all over as I shower you in
all of their deep passionate loving power
and just be filled with deep warmth
as you close your sparkling eyes and see my big smile.
Kira I love you truly and when we reunite
I am going to snuggle with you forever and ever.
Right now though in spirit I send you
these sweet loving kisses and huge hugs
to give you all of my strength and endless loving comfort.

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