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Ending In Tragedy
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Ending In Tragedy

I'll get back up when you slam me down
When you hit me, I'll make no sound

If you cut me I will bleed
Sympathy isn't what you need

Pull out your gun, I wont let you
Injure these people, you'll never get through

I'm not the red and blue
I thought everyone knew

I'm just an ordinary citizen
You might find in a bargain bin

I'm the diamond in the ruff
And I've had enough

You wont make it out alive
You'll be taking a swan dive

Tackle you down and then comes the struggle
Grab your gun and try not to buckle

Pistol whip you into submission
The cops arrive and find you in the kitchen

Take you to jail and the bond is set
The bond is met and you leave on a jet

Years on the run finally catches you
In those years the karma accrued

Ending in death, you shouldn't have left
All this started with a petty theft

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