You Cannot Change The Past

You cannot change the past 'tis gone forever
And worrying only turns your hair to gray
And remember 'tis the future's all that matter
For we cannot change what happened yesterday.

Don't harbour grudges for grudges only harm you
For a grudge like a cancer only grow
ill feeling on you can become a burden
And you'll feel happier when you leave your grudges go.

Karma will take care of all wrongdoers
And all of those who harm others in any way
Will one day for their mistakes feel regretful
When to karma they will have a price to pay.

You cannot change the past what's done is over
Before we walked we had to learn to crawl
And from the book of life we're always learning
And the future's all that matter after all.

The past is gone and the past is past changing
And let bygones be bygones so it has been said
And put more of your thought energy into your future
For your happier days for you might be ahead.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (3)

So much ideas and imaginations but somewhere incomplete I think. Still a good poem and likes.
I was so sorry that i forgot said, this poem translated bya friend, she is a high school students.
Interesting Todd, but you're sort of speaking your own language. Not clear what you're trying to convey with some of the images.