JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


I have longed for you, not ending.
I have loved you, not ending.
And now, I am left without,
not ending.
All of my love,
All of everything,
Means nothing,
And will always mean nothing.
My everything has become nothing,
And it remains that way,
Endlessly reminding you
Of all that I ever offered you.
My pain is endless:
I know that now,
And I have accepted my fate,
Which was forced on me by the whims of another.
But you-
No one forced you to this;
It was your own choice,
And now you must live endlessly
With that thought ringing in your head.
You do not miss me, now.
But you will,
And when you do,
You will know my pain,
But without consolation that it had to be that way-
It never had to be this way;
This was your own choice.
That means nothing to you now,
But it will,
And when it does,
You will be alone,
As am I,

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