Endless Beautiful Saturdays

Poem By Michael P. McParland

I love you Kira my Angel so pure and true
and even as I sit and watch the game
on this early Saturday afternoon
I think about the endless beautiful Saturdays
I hope to and want to have with you
this entire life through.
Endless beautiful Saturdays
with eternally beautiful you.

I want eternal beautiful Saturdays
where like right now we could sit and watch the game,
it's half time now and with you the first half
would have been one hundred times more fum.
Endless beautiful Saturdays with my precious one
are what I think of through the weekend days
thinking of such fun things we could do in each others arms.

A beautiful Saturday where after the game is through
we could bundle up and sit outside under the fall sun
and hold each other very close,
just sit and smile knowing peace and cozy content as we
talk so softly about the many things
that we have needed to for so many years.
Not serious per say but the things we've so needed
and wanted to let the other know and can finally tell.
Oh the many things that we could do my precious one.
Endless beauty in your arms is truly everything
I want and need within this world.

Saturdays where when it is cold we can just
wrap up in my fuzzy orange blanket and snuggle up
giving kisses oh so deep and sweet,
listen to our favorite music and just
sit back on the couch never moving until we must.
Endless beautiful Saturdays in each others arms
are what we need and we truly need them soon.
Let us pray that God will soon open up our way
so we can have our life and have our dream.
We deserve beautiful Saturdays everyday we live.

Dear as this day goes by I will be writing you
and dreaming of the things we would do,
I'll write those down as the best ideas
within me come together and best form.
I'll help us both see such beautiful things
that will be and you write me too what you can see,
endless beautiful Saturdays with my lady fair are everything,
holding you so close and saying it's alright
is a gift I want to give to you,
to look you in the eye and see you smile as I say
I love you dear you are the best,
Kira I'm so happy and fulfilled that you're here.
The knowledge of knowing that we'll have these days
will keep me going through the saddest times
because you are my one and shining star
and through it all having you will makes all troubles
in this world seem so very unimportant and really small.
I love you Kira and through eternity I always will.

Comments about Endless Beautiful Saturdays

Thank you so very much Kumarmani. Means a lot, truly. :)
Deeply envisioned. A beautiful love poem having thrilling expression. Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing....10

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