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Endless Cycle
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Endless Cycle

My mind is a prison with many metal bars
I try to run from it, but I can't leave the scars

My memory is the warden that presides
Over my sentence, while I try to hide

Love wont leave me alone anymore
Why can't I leave, give it what for

I fall in love with the girls that are taken
And now the electric chair, my brain is bakin'

My mind is dead, but my body is still breathing
I can still see, but I've lost all feeling

I feel like crying, I'm always dying
You think you know me, but I've been lying

Every morning I get up and wonder why
Every night I lay down, and start to cry

My exterior shell hides the fangs
Hides the emptiness, hides the pain

Part 2

Love threw the switch and killed me again
I guess I deserve it, I tried to hide my sins

Lust and love, and my selfish game
I never knew I'd loose before I gained

Lost the love of my life tonight
I've decided to give up that fight

He's won you and I lost it all
Off this ledge of love, I start to fall

Again I stand here, in this cell
Again I stand here, rotting in hell

The warden throws the switch another time
I'm dead again, I fell out of line

Part 3

I'm here again, another girl, another bar
I'm feeling good, as she starts to get in the car

I start to realize I'm living the same scene
As I see her boyfriend and she starts to scream

Rape they called it, even though I never touched
Her thigh they called it, even though it was the clutch

Now I sit in this cell again, only this is real
Now I really do have something to fear

They beat me something fierce
But their clubs can't peirce

The truth in my mind
It doesn't matter this time

Part 4

Arraignment is followed by lies
I rot in this cell, like a wingless fly

They give me food, and a guy names Steve
All the while, my mind still imagining my Eve

Six years I rot in this damn cell
Six years is a long time to spend in hell

Hell can take a toll on one's mind
Afterwards sanity is hard to find

Forever meant to spin an endless web
Hundreds of strange turns in this life I've led

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