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Endless Dream

Oh, hear the music, what a sound!
It floats around us in the air
Such lovely mirth, such notes sublime,
Invisible, but everywhere!

Oh, look around you- what a view!
Those cheerful colors shining bright
On all the walls and on the floor
And on the ceiling- all alight!

Oh, come, dance with us! Join the crowd!
You are unable to resist
Put on a mask, adopt a face
Join us in this joyful feast!

Of course you do, how can you not?
Temptations here are far too great
Don't be afraid of these empty faces
It's all part of the masquerade

Don't worry now! It doesn't hurt
To lose your thoughts, your hopes, your fears
We promised mirth. And here it is!
Complete denial- endless dream.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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They should have a, mask rental booth, for faces.