Endless Drop And Fight

Embarassed of the past,
not being good enough.
Will this last?
This fight is tough.

Clueless of the present,
I don't know how to feel.
All of you resent,
my existence is real.

You wish I was dead.
Maybe I'll help your wish come true.
My messed up head,
hoping I'll find help in one of you.

Scared of the future,
and where im going.
If I'll be dead for sure,
or if I might keep growing.

Growing into the person,
I want to be.
Maybe I can't run,
and I'm stuck as me.

Stuck feeling small,
why do I bother?
I gave it my all,
now i'm drowning in water.

Water from tears,
that never seem to stop.
All of those years,
just to drop.

Drop into an endless fall,
untill I can't go lower.
Then I end it all,
my pulse gets slower.

I fought untill I bled,
I can't anymore.
You got into my head,
but what for?

Just to see me suffer...

by Everlasting Nightmare

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