Endless Journey

All my life I’ve been journeying in paths,
Seeking for the one of which I am attached,
I walk every step, thinking if it’s right,
Trying to see what will be my plight.

But looking at the road ahead,
All I see is life and death,
Playing around every crept,
Stopping me from seeing the steps.

But I know my life won’t go,
Unless I do it even just slow,
Walking slowly through different paths,
It took me into several clutches.

I choose my way very carefully,
But it still seems that I’m still so care free,
My life spins around multiple paths,
But never stop to guide me through this such.

I walk further and further in my life,
Knowing that my mission is right by,
Waiting for me to see its shine,
And guide me to that shrine.

But it seems that I can’t find this mission,
Though I know that I have possession,
Of the heart I need to unlock the doors,
And lead me into the great floors.

I admit that I don’t have that much courage,
Nor do I have that much strength,
But I hope to find the road to my destiny,
Even if I have to give up my dignity.

It looks like too much of a sacrifice,
To give up so many things of price,
But life has always been so cruel,
So I’m ready to see the light, to end my endless journey…

by Lendl Ian Servillon

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