IDI (03/11/1989 / Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria)

Endless Journey

When alone in the midst of the misogynists
I yearned for the denouement being a misogamist
The habitat of the suspensed denouement
No one could hitch uninvited
Now like the fishes in the ocean, I met my heart
Now I Wish the journey prolonged endlessly
Just like that of the magi.

Just like the earth, I belong to you my rose
Even though pessimistic with my long loving tales
Now with my leg walking on these pleasant leas I wish
The rib of my rib joining me to feel the breeze out in the night
With our busy mouth singing malignant nursery rhymes of love
With her, behold a life worth living pool of luxury.

Behold a damsel as precious as gold
In my daily dreams have I dreamt her?
In several fashion parades have I sighted roses?
Ipsofacto they are ephemeral gold that shines
In the morning and fade at prime
Who dreamt that beauty passes away like the day?

Now with my mouth open wide
I shall sing like the soldiers who conquered
After several days of waterloo
With me my love is intact
Oh! How I wish the journey a long one
Even when short at prime, we shall answer the call together.

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