Endless Romance

reliving this past
and stealing my laughs
paint this smile upon your face
with these thoughts in my mind at a race
trying to let you go
but my grip i have on you seems to grow
getting tighter and tigher never lighting up
untill this love ive kept deep down erups
causing my heart and soul to bleed
making my losing of you repeat
running non stop in this darkin night
trying to find the thing i miss most
which of course i could never tell you
all these lies and dreams are true
you and me would never fall
we would be more higher then them all
but you left before i could get the chance
before our love and our endless romance
our heart we could share has now died
along with us and our dreams to fly
how can we be when your not here
when all you are is dest in the air

Written by Shannan Christine Hunt
Saturday,02 September 2006

by Shannan Christine Hunt

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You have portrayed continuity of love between souls, even after death of bodies.I like this poem....