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Endless Winter Nights
(July 7th 1988 / Lima, Ohio)

Endless Winter Nights

Poem By Brandon Chiles

The blood is boiling,
the kisses are fading,
your touch is all that lingers now,
those lips as sweet as forbidden fruit,
are now gone forever,
as we turn the other way,
our feelings still there,
but we deny them to each other,
tell ourselves they never existed,
that our hearts were lying to us,
we speak from time to time,
as I die slowly every time she moves on,
she denies what lies in her heart and mind,
I stand where I am,
not moving,
only waiting,
the Earth keeps spinning,
she avoids me whenever she can,
denying what could have been,
never to give another chance,
its simple bliss,
and nothing less

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