Ends Tonight

I have always been a loner,
not needing anyone in life,
yet you continue to push on,
torturing me in my life,
making me not want to live,
not want to even breathe,
waiting for the day that I can snap,
making you go away, far away,
to never come back,
even so that day is very near,
as this same afternoon you struck out,
as I have become fully conscious,
relieving all the weight on my chest,
letting you know,
that it ends tonight.

by Javier Falcon

Comments (2)

Does this mean that you will have to delet the picture of you and she! ! Enjoy the new beginning....
Good thats right, be strong, let someone know you arent going to wait around anymore! ! TAKE A STAND! ! :) good write.. x3, millie