We Are One

Who'd like to change the world?
Who wanna fight for right
who wanna make the world a perfect place

Who don’t wanna give up
who wanna get ahead?
Every one can do,
Everyone should
If not then why you got a precious life
If you can make some change
Don’t say you can’t do
God has given power to everyone
& you are also a gift from god
God has send us to this world to do our work
Are you willing to dome thing like magical
Are you wanna change this world
You can do
Spread your smile everywhere
Give your hand to a needy one
You have the power you can do
Don’t you wanna please everyone?
If not then why you wanna love others
Everyone want love, everyone want love from everyone
This is an earth & we all are human being
God has given us heart
We can feel the feelings of love
We all wanna improve
We all want love & care
don’t you want to make this world as one
Don’t you make this world a whole country?
I wanna make
I wanna sum up all make it one
One country one world
My aim to be like a dove bird
I wanna make one country & one vision
one country one people
one country one landmass
one country one defenses
one country one love
Does it my day dream or it’s possible
Don’t feel we all should try this at least once in our life
we can make one ocean, one policy, one passion, one movement
One country, one world
for our life time.
I wanna make everyone as one
As we all are god’s children
How we can be different
We all are one
We all should live united
Lets shout, let say together

We want one, one, one (one country)
one, one, one, one world
one understanding, one heart & one love


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