Poem By Michael P. Johnson

! !
With backs against our foolish times
Our ways of life once tread
We face the future void of crimes
To all that lies ahead

Without grief consuming our days
The pain we suffer here
The wars the fights demonic frays
Which suddenly appear

Nothing we see can satisfy
Life’s torments never cease
What we steal, borrow or buy
See sorrows just increase

Whatever we think, say or do
Regardless where we live
We somehow end with something new
The devil sought to give

Is it not plain is it so odd?
A mystery, still unsolved?
That through such things we turn to God
For Christ to be involved

According to our history
The shameful way we’ve gone
Is it a confound mystery?
Why now we seek God’s Son?

The Bible’s here for us to read
Revealing life before
By example! will The Lord us lead
To peace forever more

How great it is by faith to know
Our prospects are secure
Where feeling, seeing Heaven flow
With love that will endure

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