Enemies Of The Cross

Will you know when the last trumpet sounds
Or fail to hear the call?
Will you rejoice when Jesus comes
Because you know you gave your all?

Do thoughts of judgement frighten you
So you crowd them out of your mind?
Or is Jesus, Who paid the greatest price,
Still your most precious find?

In my heart, I have some fear
That there are those I love
That lost the way Jesus has for them
That fit like a hand in a glove.

Truth has been revealed to them,
Repentance once ruled their day,
But time has shown
they have lost their sight,
And many fall away.

Enemies of the Cross of Christ
Just who could that be?
Anyone who puts Jesus aside,
Ignoring the Cross of Calvary.

Lawless and rebellious,
The way grows very broad,
Out of God’s will,
I wonder still,
If they can find their way back to God.

Once the Word held powerful sway
Over their heart and mind.
Once they had a sweet spirit,
That sinners were drawn to find.

Jesus was the Name
They breathed forth throughout the day
Every avenue was scoured and sought
To make sure it was His way.

Why have the righteous
fallen short of His grace?
What has caused the desire for other things.
His will to replace?

God help those who are in danger
return unto You,
Let then not be left or lost
Restore to them a heart that is true.

Let us meet them in Heaven
And rejoice that we walked Your way.
Don’t let the tears wiped from our eyes,
Be grief at the loss of them that strayed.

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