Enemy Death

“Long and hard the road has been
that gave me revelation.
The search for answers common to man
no matter in life their station.

Questions of healing and brushes with death
helped get my attention.
Deeper knowledge, the height and the breadth,
of greater spiritual dimension.

Death is an enemy that we all will face
yet it seeks to steal us away
the length of our life we should embrace
or he'll take us a premature day.

It is God’s will that we should
fulfill the number of our days.
Many do not, and it’s not God’s fault
if we don’t learn spiritual ways.

I get so weary of hearing God blamed
for every tragedy
the devil is the thief against our life
he is the enemy.

Jesus wants us to learn how to pray
to take authority in His Name,
to stop death as an enemy
and beat the devil at his game.”

August 28,2005

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