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Energy Equals
NS (June 13,1951 / Holland)

Energy Equals

Poem By Nick Sym

The ideas scurry through my fingers,
as the words of a broken thought
Finding no conclusive truth,
to the answers I have sought

A lifetime in mental solitude,
seeking the rainbow within the mist
I do not appreciate the purpose,
for the constant numbers on the list

Individuals have called me a genius,
yet I always forgot my books
And when it came to my pants,
I would never do up the hooks

Mathematics always came easy to me,
non-stop calculations swimming within my blood
All coming to the surface,
in a great numerical flood

I find myself so emotional,
so the letter E came bursting to mind
I never thought a simple letter,
would later change all of mankind

So please do not think I am a monster,
as some have made me to be
For all I tried to do,
is set all mankind free.

By Nick Sym

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