Energy Left Over

Each of us is the decaying
Static of the initial
Action each of us is
Resonating outward from
The center a metamorphosis
Of the first energy
The great fucking bang
That explodes in
Us still
Reverberating to a point of
Singularity we are a
Defined to return to
And though our
Decadal ideologies
Tell us we can do
Great things with our minds
And our morality plays warn us
That we get to choose
Our black and white
Paths there is not
A single one of us
Who can step beyond
That sufficient energy
That is not just inside us
But the wave and hum
That we are still resonating
Busily outward
From the center not knowing
How quickly we are to
Collapse back into the
Great black pit
Where those nothing dogs
Nip and gnaw our bones
As they are destined to
So are we predestined
To live upon the line
That we are space and
Time stretched out from
The center and us a
Manifestation of that initial
Incredible action we are
Going nowhere but outward
In our decaying energy
We scream for
Personal freedom
Lost to our society
And all of this still
Only a desperately
Kicking wave of red shift
Shooting outward all
Of us God’s first
And with inhalation
Eternal death
Forever until
God breathes us

by Robert Rorabeck

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This is a pioneering fete of Quantum Delight Roberto~!
a great write, a great read. u.