The Butterfly Tattoo

A young woman reminiscing:

Back in the days of yore,
When I was a callow kid
And life was truly a bore,
This is what I did.

After my breakfast
Of bagels and lox,
I just happened upon a box
Of Cracker Jack
Remember? A prize
In each and every pack?

As I opened the top
Out what should pop
But a de-cal-o-man-ia.
It was a beautiful butterfly,
So on the sly
I did apply
It to a hidden place
So mother wouldn't see
But I would
Every time I took a pee.

Then soon one day
It faded away
And I forgot about it
....Or thought so anyway.

But when I was grown
And away on my own,
I did aspire
With strong desire
To repeat the experience last
In remembrance of things past.

So one night at one,
Under the midnight sun,
With maybe too much drinking,
I thought I'd have some fun
And get a real live inking.
In the exact same place.

Now, when in a car
Or in a bar
The subject does arise
I to my friends apprise
That I too have some art
Upon a certain part.

But I don't tell everyone.
Just some boyfriends,
Pickups and priests,
And, maybe a lover.
Why have a beautiful
Butterfly tattoo
If you always have to
Keep it under cover?


by George Hunter

Comments (4)

Hi Frank, It sounds like you are comparing the car to a man. Oh no. Cars break down. (ha ha) I am teasing. Excellent, unique poem. Take care.
Engineering desire-what a clever idea! A dangerous businee I suspect I love the last lines in your poem 'But all the corporate alchemists can conjure up, it's clear Is envy first and foremost, lust for curved metallic gear Functional at best, corroding most of us.' what has happened to us? what has happened to desire? where is she theese days? A funny AND serious poem from you-Pia
Very very well written Frank. a marvellous poem with great construction. Clever stuff my friend. Wonderful use of words. Love Ernestine XXX
Brilliant! I loved it- Every word is true and a magnificent observation