Poem By emily summers

I'm tired of this life,
I don't want to end up a foolish mans wife,
It gets more frightening every day,
England has changed in every way,
you switch on the T.V. and what do you see?
Murders and crime stare before me,
It really is appauling,
but no-one wants to do anything,
suits at the top,
they don't do a lot,
we keep them there,
they don't even care,
as long as they get their fat wage at the end of the week,
we can be treated as they please,
some could say I have lost my faith,
they're right, England is such a waste,
I can bet nothing good will come of it,
no one takes it seriously,
no-one listens anymore,
all of this is such a bore,
everyone must know it can't just be me that feels this way,
if you agree tell me today,
i want it to get better,
better forever,
i can't see it happening but i wish they could prove me wrong,
make it all better I'll say I knew it all along,
I wish England could be like it was,
but the only words that spring to mine are 'hope' and 'false.'

Comments about England

I feel your pain... It's the same in the U.S. Change starts with each of us. I used to think about when I was going up... It seems as though it was so much better, but the truth is we were different. Each of us wasn't afraid to venture out and make friends anywhere. But today everyone makes excuses, too busy. Too busy dying to live... Dan Hanosh Dreams Are Yours To Share ps Great poem... Anytime I feel the message and ramble, its got to be good.

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